Media Buying

At n8, you have a team of highly trained professionals working for you to navigate the dynamic world of search, display, social and mobile ad engagement. Digital media is a complex multi-platform ecosystem and we work to leverage your earned media, paid media, and owned media. Connected consumers spend over 22 hours per week seamlessly crossing complex digital ecosystems. Your customers are distracted. Our goal is to get them to engage faster, stay longer, and tell others.


It’s been said “there‘s a big difference between knowing a thing and knowing the data behind a thing”.
Digital media is full of data and collecting and connecting client data is how we build power tools to segment our campaign. We work with our clients’ first party data and enrich it with other data sets to identify the best prospects’ journey across mobile, tablet and desktop.

We Speak Video

With a mass shift of Millennials consuming video on mobile, we have a team of video production masters with over 150 years of combined experience.  If you’re going to leverage mobile you have to do it in video. 

Lead Magnets

n8 is wired directly to the power grid of sales.  n8 is a sales organization that is fanatically focused on helping our clients maximize their sales funnel.  It’s simple “No Leads – No Sales”.  Sales driven focus is an innate part of our strategy, creative, and media…we identify, target and deliver prospects.

Conversion Conquistador

Traditional advertising agencies have “digital media buyers” that are so far removed from the sales funnel that the only optics they have on a campaign is a Google Analytics report.  n8 is obsessed with the buyer’s journey connecting prospects’ needs with our products, not just reporting on bounce rates.  n8 managers are asking “why”, not just reporting on the what.

Social Media Junkie

Having a Facebook account does not qualify you to master the amazing power of this media channel. Our Social Team sets aside 15% of their week to develop their tactical skills so they can maximize engagement to drive results through the power of targeted scale.

Supercharge Search Engine Marketing

n8 certified google mechanics fine tune your search engine for performance and efficiency.  Like a Formula 1 racing team each member is committed to only the best race day performance.  You need a team of n8 mechanics fine tuning every part of the customer journey.  In this sport winning is everything! 

Campaigning For Creative

This is where most great brand and product managers lose the election.  They miss the connection from lead to conversion.  Having unique and driving creative engagement on each platform is key to our clients’ results.  n8 assures the lead engine’s creative ties to the right part of the customers’ interest….digital marketing is a conversation, not a barker yelling out an offer.  Managing the sales funnel is the art of creative…moving cold audiences to warm leads who take action is what motivates every vertical of the n8 team.  We are all hyper sensitive to the power of messaging.